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In The SalpetriereIn The Salpêtrière
Inspired by a series of 19th century photographs of female hysterics from the notorious Parisian hospital, In The Salpêtrière is based on the stories of mad and misunderstood women from different periods of history, from witches and pirates to romantic literary lesbians and French free-loving ladies, from characters in novels such as Leopold von Sacher Masoch’s Venus in Furs to Amy May’s own family. The album has been described as

“sound[ing] totally now – like Arcade Fire playing in an English country garden” NME

In the Salpetriere is absurdly delightful” The Guardian

“Reassuring ambles from Amy May, whose violins are like slowly twirling magic wands” Plan B

“Simply, utterly lovely.” Metro


In The Salpetriere071
Paris Motel’s first EP 071 is a collection of songs that have been described as

“A beautiful slice of archaic chamber-pop that lifts you somewhere sublime!” NME

“One of the most stunning and intelligent DIY releases for some time”  Independent on Saturday

“A sublime mini-album that combines lushly orchestrated chamber pop with an underlying melancholic twist” Music Week

“A fully formed slice of Orchestral Pop” Independent on Sunday


In The SalpetriereDemo album
Paris Motel’s first ever homegrown recordings from 2004-5. Includes classic songs such as ‘I’m Onto You’ and ‘Fiona Viola’ with a unique cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ‘Maps’.