About the album

Amy May

Amy: This collection of songs came about after a series of late night meanders down memory lane, thinking back to the music that I listened to and loved as a child. Many of my warmest early memories involve sitting with my parents and their friends, singing and dancing along to Talking Heads, Blondie, Captain Beefheart, Billy Bragg and others. When I recently revisited these albums and songs, I realised what a huge influence they’ve had on my writing in later life, even though I haven’t heard some of them for many years.

Featured on the album:

Vocals: Amy May
Bass: Mike Smith
Drums: Joe Smith
Guitar: Nat Chan, Ben Trigg
Keys: Margit van der Zwan, Ben Trigg
Violins: Ben Lee, Cat Parker, Marianne Haynes, Wei Wei Fraser, Martin Lissola, Sam Aylward, Hazel Correa, Rosie Langley
Violas: Oakki Lau, Fiona Leggat, Nozomi Cohen, Polly Wiltshire
Violoncelli: Rhian Porter, Jonny Cottle, Verity Harding
Double Basses: Tom Fry, Damon Burrows
Flute: Abigail Burrows
Bass flute, piccolo: Gareth McLearnon
Clarinet, recorder: Ian Wilson
Cor Anglais, oboe: Julian West
Bassoon: Molly Gibbs

Strings, woodwind and organ recorded at Livingston Studios by Nat Chan and Anthony Leung. Drums and Bass recorded at Electric Earth II by Nat Chan. Vocals recorded at Nat’s studio and Ben Trigg’s house. Produced by Amy and Nat. Mixed by Nat with cheery biscuit assistance from Amy. Beautiful cello solo in ‘Oscar Tango’ by Rhian Porter.